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Making the proper repairs to your garage door is our first priority, but when you need help with just a minor issue, check out our tips section below. You may find the solution there to keep your door working perfectly.

Whether we like it or not, garage door springs are meant to last for a few thousand cycles. Their longevity depends on their manufacturing as well as how much regular maintenance they receive. Still, at some point, they'll need to be replaced, as they'll begin to affect your door's performance, and will cause it to get slam shut when they break. This will be very dangerous, so timely spring replacement is crucial.
The rollers can benefit from regular cleaning with a solvent. Sticky dirt can be removed with kerosene while you will need steel wool to remove heavy rust. Very rusty or damaged rollers need to be replaced with new ones. The same applies to those which have their stems bent.
The emergency release mechanism of any garage door is designed to be used only when the door is shut. What it does is disengage your opener, which means that if you try to do this while the door is open it will most likely slam to the floor. This can be extremely detrimental, and very dangerous as well. Do not use the emergency release mechanism while the door is open.
Winter can be quite harsh on your garage door. You should take steps to ensure it doesn't end up failing during the cold season, as it will be a lot more inconvenient and fixing it will be much harder. Make sure the exterior of the panels is clean, and that the rubber seals on the sides and at the bottom of your door are in a good condition. Also, don't forget to remove the grease build-up from the tracks and rollers using a piece of cloth.
There are times when springs start making squeaking sounds while your door is in motion. This is actually quite normal. You can get rid of that noise by applying a spray-on lubricant to the length of their coils. However, if the noise still persists afterwards, then you should get our experts to take a look at it.

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