Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our contractors are knowledgeable of all brands and we can provide you with new, modern systems. We offer emergency opener repair services and are trained to upgrade and replace openers efficaciously.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We have the best staff and technical personnel for quick garage door springs repair and many other issues concerning your door.

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Garage Door Remote Clicker

Garage Door Remote Clicker

Did your remote clicker fail your expectations? We never will. We'll find what you're looking for and program your new multicode remote at your convenience

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Garage Door Maintenance

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Making the proper adjustments to your garage door and performing the proper maintenance techniques are important to the proper functioning of your garage mechanism.  The experienced specialists at Garage Door Repair Rocklin are experts in all maintenance and adjustment techniques. We provide same day service, are well equipped and surely knowledgeable, and your safety as well as your satisfaction are our number one priorities. When you want stable and reliable garage systems, you can truly trust the experience of our well trained contractors in Garage Door Maintenance.Garage Door Maintenance in California

In order to keep your door functioning like it was the day you had it installed, maintenance service is needed regularly. We believe that home maintenance is very important; taking excellent care of your garage door will keep you from having large and expensive repairs in the future. For this reason, we often consult our customers to schedule maintenance appointments at least twice every year. We have a staff of trained technicians available to you at any time to answer questions or provide additional services. If you need extra maintenance services in between scheduled appointments, you can be sure that our contractors will offer same day Genie garage door openers maintenance and check any part of your mechanism to ensure your safety.

Have your garage door inspected by our professionals once a year

The frequency of Garage Door Maintenance must be actually based on the needs of your garage system. It is evident that brand new systems do not need thorough services every six months. In this case, once a year suffices. Though, damaged and old mechanisms will probably require our professional service much more often. This way, we can prevent obvious problems or hidden ones, accidents and malfunctions. Don't forget that our maintenance service includes a series of steps, which will ensure the stability of the system but also the good condition of the panel and of each part.

Our teams start by inspecting the garage door parts thoroughly. We troubleshoot them in order to see whether there are specific damages or certain problems, which must be taken care of immediately. Occasionally, we are obliged to inform the customer that some parts are seriously worn and must be replaced. In this case, we proceed with their replacement since we carry a great variety of repair parts in our vans. We consider this very important in order to complete our maintenance properly and in just one visit. Of course, all repair parts are products by great manufacturers and, therefore, you can be sure of their high quality and durability. In any other case, we proceed with garage door repair and make sure all parts are fully functional.

We give great emphasis to the main parts and focus on garage door opener maintenance. It's vital to know that the opener system, which determines the entire operation of the mechanism, is in good condition. If it needs repairs or even upgrading, we inform the customer and proceed accordingly. Today, there are plenty of ways to modernize openers and we want our clients to have the best accessories, full convenience and, certainly, safety. For this reason, we also focus on the condition of the sensors. We check and test them, adjust and clean them and complete full garage door opener sensors maintenance with great devotion.

We will certainly check the springs, the cable and track/roller system and every part of the mechanism. These are essential components of the system and their bad condition will surely affect the operation of the door. It is our job to see that the springs are flexible and in perfect condition. We check to see if it's almost time for their replacement and they are appropriate for your own system. Our contractors will also make all necessary adjustments to your garage door. We have experience and promise accurate adjustment of all parts. First of all, we check that the door is well balanced and if not we make sure the hinges are tightened and the wheels sit well in the tracks.

When the tracks, for example, are not adjusted properly, the rollers won't move all the way up and down. This happens due to loose screws, nuts and bolts. In this case, the brackets that hold the tracks secure are loose as well and the system is moving along with the movement of the door. For the same reason, we also check that the opener is well secured on the angle iron in the ceiling. If not, the opener will vibrate every time the door is moving. Consequently, the tightening of all small parts is part of our job and equally important as inspecting the bigger components. We also check whether some of these small parts start getting rusty and, if so, we immediately replace them.

Actually, when we lubricate the parts in every service, you will hardly have problems with rusty components. Consequently, lubrication maintenance is a crucial part of our service. We lubricate your garage door's moving parts like the hinges, springs, tracks and chains. Proper lubrication is essential. Apart from keeping parts from corroding, it helps them move better and smoother. The rollers will definitely roll easier in the tracks and the door will move without making annoying noises. The whole system will be quieter since friction among steel made parts will be avoided.

Preventative maintenance and consistent adjustments will keep your garage door working like it did the day you had it installed. That's the main goal of our service. For this reason, service is required to take place on time even if you have a door that doesn't need frequent maintenance. Although some garage door materials do not need regular inspections, we always make sure to check them thoroughly. Keep in mind that if you, for example, have an old steel door, you will need to keep it rust free by looking over the door periodically and removing any rust and painting residues. A wood door might need painting also depending on the climate of the area you live in. Heavy winters, dry climates and moisture will affect the condition of the door and that's why we make sure it is meticulously checked and repaired. We also take care of dents and small problems in order to keep it strong and resistant.

You can be sure that all contractors at Garage Door Repair Rocklin are experienced and knowledgeable of all garage door types and brands. We spend many hours training and know how different systems work and what they need in order to last longer and operate on a daily basis with efficiency and, above all, with safety. Whether you have an overhead door, sliding, rollup or up and over doors, you can trust that our technicians will know where to look and which procedures to follow in order to ensure the service is completed properly and efficaciously. We are aware that different door types have other requirements. For example, overhead door systems have far too many components and commercial openers may have significant differences with residential ones. We take all these factors into consideration before we begin our work and bring along the necessary tools in order to do the job right and on time.

Our deep knowledge on the characteristics of different brands is also vital. Although a Genie garage door will not necessarily have vast differences with a door made by Chamberlain, we still know what components and materials are used by each manufacturer, follow procedures by the book and do our service with the right specifications set by each industry. So, when we service your Liftmaster door opener, you can be sure that we know its particular properties and proceed accordingly with our service. Such need to have absolute knowledge of all products manufactured by any industry urges us to focus with greater concentration to our training.

Hence, you can be sure that when it is vital to replace the Liftmaster garage door openers for any reason, we will do it with full knowledge and knowhow. Actually, when it comes to opener systems and every little accessory produced by Marantec, Chamberlain, Genie or Liftmaster and any other manufacturer, we are the best experts. We follow the developments and know all about the latest products and their characteristics. Accordingly, we adapt our training program and learn how to handle their installation, repair and replacement. We learn how to inspect and maintain them properly. Consequently, our customers can have full trust to our expertise to do a good job regardless if they have Sears garage doors, Chamberlain openers and Stanley windows.

Of course, the entire technical infrastructure of our company is of the highest quality. We make sure our equipment is sophisticated, each van carries a series of tools and a variety of replacement parts according to the needs of your door and of your garage system. Having proper equipment is extremely important for our job in order to do garage door troubleshooting and complete repair services properly.  Actually, we check our tools often and renew them and make sure of their excellent organization in our trucks in order to make our work easier and complete the service faster.

Keeping excellent products and providing the best there is to the customer is the policy of our business. Consequently, you can be sure that all replacement parts are exceptional but also smaller repair parts, like nuts and brackets, are also made of the finest materials. We lubricate parts with the best lubricants on the market and make sure the parts are properly cleaned first. Otherwise, the new lubricants will only stick to the current dust and attract even more dirt gradually. Our contractors always use the right tool for each repair done on your mechanism and this way they can ensure that the job is completed with the best means.

Giving attention to such details is the secret of our company. We are aware that small details make the difference and we invest in them. It is actually the best way to ensure that Garage Door Maintenance will be carried out properly. This is a very serious service, which will reflect on the day to day operation of the door. If we don't inspect the mechanism properly and do not engage in the required repairs, you will soon have new problems. For this reason, we choose to work with the most experienced and skilled, highly dedicated and expert teams in this business and take care of small details before we come for maintenance. We are extremely particular with our inspections since they will point out the weak parts of your system and will never leave your premises until everything is checked, repaired and tested repeatedly.

We surely offer maintenance service for all types of garage systems regardless if they are used for commercial or residential purposes. We are familiar with all and provide same day service to all our clients. If you want just Genie garage door opener maintenance, we are also available since some parts of the system might be older, more sensitive or might have been slightly damaged. In any case, you can count on our punctuality to our appointments and surely on our efficient and excellent work, great results and definitely to the long-lasting of your garage system.

Afraid an annual inspection will cost too much and so you keep putting the inspection off year after year? Eventually parts will wear out and need to be replaced and that will cost you more than the initial inspection would have. So, do not put it off any longer; give us a call and we will take care of all your garage door needs, from repairs, cleaning, painting and the annually inspection that will save you a ton of money as long as you continue to give your garage system the maintenance it needs. So give us a call, and we will be there today to give you excellent service. Why don't you contact us right now and we'll make an appointment!

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